My Mission

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       My Beliefs & Values

On this blog, I set out with five objectives in mind.

1. I believe that disabled people can contribute to our society as intelligent individuals in their own right.

When I first set about finding a career in my earlier years, I was offered uninspiring opportunities such as shining shoes in a shoe shop or loading shelves in a supermarket. Not only were many of these jobs unsuitable for a physically disabled person, but they were mentally unstimulating, too. When I was able to find an office job for eight months, I found that I was treated as lesser or in some way incapable compared to my able-bodied colleagues. For example, I was assigned to make lunchtime coffee, but not given any reason to have to liaise with the doctors like othe other admin assistants. I was tasked with date stamping the mail, but not with engaging with staff,like the other admin assistants. I found that extremely demoralizing and so my commitment to my job suffered. At the same time, a number of people who have met me or read the letters and blog posts that I have written are often surprised by my intellect and grasp of the English language. In setting up Big, Bold & Bright, I wanted to demonstrate that disabled people are often creative and intelligent people and many of us have gifts to offer, far beyond what our disabled bodies will allow. I work better under my own initiative and running my own blog has allowed me to do just that. 

2. I believe that kinky people too are integral members of our society, and should be accepted and treated as such.

In today’s world, acceptance is encouraged and marginalisation is frowned upon. It is now criminal to attack or visibly exclude another based upon their race, religion, gender or sexuality, but yet still, kinky people are not included within that category. For many in the BDSM community, kink is not merely something that we do in the bedroom, it is an innate need which we regard as part of our sexuality and should be accepted and treated that way. We will not harm you nor conduct ourselves in a way that is inappropriate for the setting, we simply wish to be able to enjoy our personal relationships without fear, harm or judgement. One of my aims on Big, Bold & Bright is to demonstrate that kinky people can still lead perfectly normal-looking lives and behave as decent and moral members of society, irregardless of our private proclivities. 

3. I believe it is important to advise and inspire my audience through peer relationships rather than expert knowledge. 

One of my biggest frustrations comes in the term “expert”. I believe that these experts often have only research to go by, and that the true experts are the individuals who have experienced or suffered the relevant topic for themselves. Rather than writing from theory and research, I like to discuss areas of interest from first-hand experience, calling upon evidence or professional opinion to back up an idea (where necessary) as I do so. I also find that my peers are more responsive to suggestions when they know that I guide from a place of sympathy and understanding. I also believe in networking with other bloggers with their own experiences so that we can discuss and advise on topics using our shared knowledge to guide us. 

4. I believe in providing an honest, accountable and easy-to-read blog.

I pride myself on my use of proper words, punctuation and paragraph structure. I take the time to construct each post and to write in an energetic and friendly way that captivates my audience. At the same time, I will not inject energy into a post or paragraph purely for the purposes of selling an idea or product. In today’s world, much of social media has become about exaggerating in order to make money or popularity, sometimes with paid “influencers” endangering their own lives in the process. All of the products and services that I recommend to my audience are based on an unpaid, personal review, from tried and tested products and extensive research before doing so.

5. Last but not least, as a personal goal and in memory of my late father, I believe that support and guidance towards better mental health should be readily available for all, for cheap or for free.

Growing up, my father was a huge influence in my life and helped me through some of the worst bullying that I have experienced. As a children’s social worker, my father was used to dealing with children who were victims of abuse and used a lot of the tools he learned in his work to help me manage. As I grew older, I continued to be fascinated by him and his love for human psychology, picking up a book on understanding body language at age twelve and studying GCSE psychology, aged sixteen. After a short-spell in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, I was determined that the information I had and the knowledge that I knew should be publicly available, without having to course through several referrals and certainly without having to resort to taking pharmaceutical medicines first. Whilst by no means a professional, I wanted to support individuals who are where I have been and provide them with tips, basic knowledge and encouragement to help them hopefully feel better, without first having to leave their home or pay monthly subscription costs in order to do so.

My Goals

By 31st December 2020, I aim to:

Have 300 fully-edited, proof-read blog posts up and running.

Reach 500 followers on WordPress.

Reach 100 followers on Instagram.

Reach 50 followers on Facebook.

Have at least 5 premium-content stories published.

Have networked with at least 5 other bloggers who share my beliefs and values.