Your Next Dose Of TMI Tag – Questions 31-45

Good morning lovelies,

If you’re like me, then you’ve missed all of the fun of TMI Tuesday lately. Well, have no fear! I found 100 Ridiculous TMI Tag Questions just for you. Obviously, 100 questions in one post would be super long but I thought I would answer the next 15 for now to give you something to read. If you want to skip back and read the last 15, you can find them here.

1. Have you ever kissed or been kissed on the breast?

I mean, I’ve been married seven years now, so there’s a good chance that might have happened..

2. Have you ever kissed someone below the belt?

Haha, maybe..

3. Have you ever lead a person on?

No, that’s exceptionally cruel to do. If you’re not interested, don’t play with a person’s feelings for your own kicks. Total dick move.

4. Have you ever lied to get out of trouble?

Haha, oh for sure! It was the iconic forgotten to do my homework, you know. Basically, I had to use a laptop to do all of my schoolwork/homework (because of my wrist) so I just told my teacher that I was having some issues with the printer. In reality, I’d forgotten to do it and bagged myself 48 hours extra time. Hey, it got done, and the printer worked 😉

5. Have you ever liked a person your friend was dating?

Like liked? Or liked as in thought they were a pretty decent person to be around? I mean I liked Matt from the moment that I met him, but it wasn’t liked him, I just thought he was nice. I felt safe around him (which should have been an omen as to all that was about to come!) and I was interested in what he had to say, but I didn’t have a crush on him or anything. My friend’s partners are off-limits, and I respect that.

6. Have you ever masturbated to a picture or video?

I mean, it’s called porn. Who hasn’t looked at porn? Sometimes you just need a little something to get the (creative) juices flowing..

7. Have you ever played a game involving stripping?

Umm yeah, about four weeks ago. Wolfie and I decided to check out Truth or Dare (neither of us were ever cool enough to be invited to play) and I got dared to take my top off for the next three rounds. Whatever, right? Boobs are boobs. I don’t care about boobs.

8. Have you ever used somebody for your personal gain?

God, no. Again, why would you? I mean maybe when I was a kid I might have sold my brother out to get preferential treatment or something, but you know, kids are kids. We’ve all done stupid shit until we learned better. As an adult, you kick yourself for it once you realise and then move on.

9.Have your ever been heart-broken?

Too often. I give my all and I get hurt often. It’s a sad truth, but it’s true. One of the frustrating facts about Highly Sensitive People is that we’re really easy to offend, or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I think part of that comes from growing up and being told that my thoughts were irrelevant (because Mum & Dad are the adults), so I just kind of bottle them now. Anyway, I’ve been betrayed several times and that’s super sucky when that happens, and I feel it, like a physical pain in my chest. I get disappointed because I give 110% to a person, and they give me back almost nothing. It is hard for me to trust now, I admit that. Even Mr Wolfie has said I’m pretty guarded and a lot of other people have said I get quite defensive. I don’t like to talk about me and I opt for diversion tactics. It’s a flaw of mine, okay?

10. How far have you gone to get something you desired?

I buttered up an MP, no shame.

11. How many relationships have you had?

There’s a whole list of them here.

12. What do you weight?

Anything that might blow away in the wind, generally – including me once! I’ve weighted me down ever since.

13. How tall are you?

I’m 170cm, or 5’5. My Mum is 5’0 and my Dad was 5’8 and three quarters, so I definitely drew the short (no pun intended) straw when it comes to my height. Oh and yes, those three quarters were important to my Dad!

14. If applicable, when did you lose your virginity?

About three months after my eighteenth birthday. You remember Francis Houseman’s iconic ‘I’m scared of everything.. ‘ speech? Well, mine was pretty similar. So it goes, Matt and I were hanging out in the caravan and it was something along the lines of “I don’t know why, I’ve never wanted my first to be anyone before, but I want my first time to be with you”. So there’s that.

NB. It wasn’t that night though, it was some weeks later in his bedroom, with a poster of Alan Shearer above the headboard. I’ve never been allowed to forget the fact that Alan Shearer used to overwatch our shenanigans. Poor Alan!

15. If you could bring back a person from the dead who would you bring back?

A? God, I’d have them all back, I really would. I miss my sweet little N so much and I miss Grandad too, but if there was only one person I could bring back, of course it would be my Dad. 60 is just no age, and lately I’ve definitely been going through more of the anger phase of my grief. Truthfully, I feel lost and confused most days, like I’m living a dream, in a haze, but this isn’t a dream. I keep going because he wouldn’t want me to give up, but of course I do worry about my mental health and painting on the brave face. I often worry that I’m on the verge of a mental crisis of some sort, because sometimes I certainly feel that way. It’s all part of my grief and my grieving process, so for the most part I just try to roll with the punches and allow myself to feel how I need to feel.

Hardly a cheery question to end this post with. Bleh.

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Enjoy your Tuesday!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

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