Saturday Sex Interview #6 – Highs & Lows

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Question 1Describe your worst all time sexual fail? Probably after a blowjob, my gag reflex is really weird. Basically, I can deep throat with absolutely no problem at all but I have a real taste and texture aversion thing going on sometimes, and when it comes to baby batter, my gag reflex just doesn’t want to know. Anyway, gave him a blowjob, reached the grand finale and… yeah, my gag reflex was having none of it. Instead of handing things like a pro, I violently retched and ended up bringing a mouthful of semen up all over him, complete with an involuntarily runny nose, drool, tears the full works and yes, he was absolutely horrified. I haven’t swallowed since that shameful moment because I don’t want to risk repeating it (and because retching is an awful experience anyway!). Plenty of fun to be had without that though!

Question 2Hottest sexual experience with someone who you never dated? (doesn’t have to be intercourse) Could be a hookup, incident, interaction. Fuck.. I mean I’ve mind fucked plenty of people in my time.. I’m a sapiosexual, so I love those moments when you’re mindfucking one another so damn hard but you both know that it’s as far as it goes. I’ve mindfucked boiler engineers, neighbours, friends.. always fun. Okay.. I guess.. I used to be a naturist and there was a guy, we’ll call him D, D was maddeningly into me. At the naturist swim I used to attend, I had no qualms about letting D spend so much time around me, but he couldn’t do anything. It was one of those naturist events where sex and the like is off, but that didn’t stop me. Anyway, the changing rooms were mixed, and I’d always accidentally-on-purpose make sure I went in the men’s changing rooms, where D would be. I’d strip off and basically ignore him, knowing full well that he was watching. I’d hang out with him and chat to him in the pool, turning my back to the wall of the pool so that my body was exposed and facing him. After swim, I’d take a longer time to shower and lather up in front of him, moaning slightly but then also pointing out what a lovely warm power shower the pool had, so that it was definitely just about the shower. Shame really, it could have gone somewhere if he was kinky but a girl’s gotta have her preferences..

Question 3One or two hottest things somebody has done or said – those moments that stick in your mind – the hot little highlights of your past? This could be something you just saw happen, or something you participated in.

After a not particularly timid blowjob, Wolfie kissed me and whispered incredulously “your mouth is a dangerous weapon, Mrs S”. Never fails to make me smile.

Done? God, there have been too many. The ex that smothered me with a latex glove (total subspace moment). The other ex who spanked me without a word and again, took me to bliss. About a month ago when my husband exposed me in front of our (open) entryway door. Our entrance faces the side of the house so it would have only been obvious if anyone came around the side of the house, but yeah, that definitely kickstarted a string of wild ideas in my mind, not that I’d act on them with a young family living upstairs, I’m not that wild..

Question 4Describe your most interesting sexual height or extreme. This could be the time your got the most wild, did the naughtiest –  longest, craziest, most over the top, most people involved, sluttiest, most sexual day – most partners in a day, your personal sexual Guinness record of some kind? I mean.. right at the start of our relationship, we used to spend all day in bed, we’d say we’d get up, but then kisses would lead to caresses and we all know how that ends. I think the highlight for us was probably the blowjob by the river, we very nearly got caught! I still smile to myself every time I walk past that spot, and if he’s with me, there are always a few knowing glances, too. Even now, I live near a woodland area and that place is definitely on our bucket list, but never acted upon, I guess for the same reasons above. That doesn’t stop me though, and sometimes when we go for our walks, I like to lean against a particularly sturdy tree, pout at Mr Wolfie and say stuff like “this tree seems like it would support me, no?” in that oh-so-suggestive way. There’s definitely been some heavy petting before, even if not the full works. Oh, and I would so love to do a sub hunt in the woods.. It might not end the same way as they do on PornHub, but the technicalities can always be worked around 😉

I think above all else though, we just take pride in our bedroom, we take pride in having a bedroom that a lot of people crave, with all of our toys and stuff. We know we’re lucky and that not everybody can have what we have, but then we’ve also had our misfortunes too. The way we see it, we don’t have all of the luck, we just have better luck than others in that department!