Things That Bring Me Joy Thursday – Favourite Childhood Movies

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Hello Lovelies,

After the success of last week’s Things That Bring Me Joy Thursday post, I am back this time with another, and this week we’re looking at favourite childhood movies!

From the book, this is only supposed to be one movie but, as I aged, different movies become the new favourite. Owing to that then, I’ve picked out 6 movies for your today that I loved in my youth. A lot of them are classics, so be sure to let me know if any of them are your favourites, too.

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2. A Beloved Childhood Film

1.The Sword In The Stone

Before I could work on today’s post, a quick message to Mum was called for. Of course, I could remember the films I loved in my later years, but not so much in the younger ones. So the story goes, The Sword In The Stone was the one I used to ask to be played over and over again. Maybe I was fascinated with the idea of being the one who would one day achieve greatness? I mean if Arthur could, why couldn’t I? Maybe I’m just overthinking and it was just that I was really happy for Arthur being chosen as King and everything working out in the end? I don’t know..

2. Flight Of The Navigator

When I saw this question, for whatever reason, Flight Of The Navigator was the first movie that sprang to mind. It was funny, it was geeky, and it kind of played into a long-standing fantasy thing of mine. I loved the way that Trimaxion studies David, even though David thinks they’re friends, and yeah… that was basically me. It was a good movie (and very funny in places!) but for me, there was also a fascination even at my young age that I didn’t quite fully understand.

3. True Lies

Ookay, so, make no mistake, a child should not be watching a R-rated 15 movie, but you know what? I did, and it became (and still is) one of my favourite movies. So the idea of riding a police horse through a multistorey is farfetched and the whole firing a rocket through a building and taking out an enemy helicopter is questionable at best, you know what? It’s still a good film. It kicked off a whole love for kidnap and interrogation.. Something I may or may not have subjected my poor neighbour to. Hey, what? He wanted to play soldiers and sples, I was just making it more realistic for his slow ass.. And anyway, even if all else fails, who can dismiss this incredibly sexy JLC scene?

Or this end scene?

Okay, I’ll stop.

4. Lady & The Tramp

I guess this was the romantic in me, and the idea of falling in love with the kind of different guy, rather than Prince Charming or whatever. I liked the idea of a guy who would guide me and lead me astray, away from a world of rule and order, away from my normal. I fantasised about adventure. about different and about freedom, but I also liked being loved, accepted and encouraged at the same time. Well.. here I am today, doing what I do!

A curious mind led me to do some research, and Thought Catalog had this to say:

You love the idea of unrequited love, of romances that should never happen, of dating someone who comes from a totally different background than you do. You want to be with someone who will teach you, someone who will help you grow, and someone who will remind you that there’s a whole world outside of your bubble.

Thought Catalog

So.. you mean like dating your ex-colleague who dated your now ex-best friend, then? Technically forbidden, but oh so worth it!

5. Hook

Who can forget this Robin Williams classic? It’s imagnative, it’s fun and it’s got a great cast list. Dustin Hoffman played a phenomenal Hook and the movie is through and through laughter and fun. It’s a 90’s classic, and I loved it.

6. Home Alone

What 90’s child doesn’t like Home Alone? It’s full of carnage and mischief, family love and warmth. It was the heart of Christmas in my family home, gathered around the TV to binge watch Home Alone and Scrooge. Oh sure, it’s full of all kinds of crazy pranks but at the heart of it all is a family who have accidentally been separated at Christmastime, and there is a feel good factor from that- It reminds us what really matters at Christmas.

Alright lovelies, that’s it from me. Don”t forget, feel free if you want to join in on the fun and I shall be back here tomorrow with another kinky review!

Have an awesome Thursday!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

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