Things That Bring Me Joy Thursday: Day 1- Childhood Toys

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Hello Lovelies,

I know, today should have been another Top Ten Thursday post, but while I was writing yesterday’s post I had a sudden brain wave moment. You see? While I have a copy of 99 Things That Bring Me Joy, I thought, why not share my answers with you on my blog? I don’t believe that joy is something that we should keep to ourselves, joy is something to be shared, especially in challenging times like these.

So without further ado, Thursdays will now be Things That Bring Me Joy Thursdays!

Of course, if you want to share your own answers on your blog, please feel free, just be sure to tag this post in your writing and give the book a little mention. If you want your own paperback copy, 99 Things That Bring Me Joy is also available on Amazon.

Okay, so let’s get stuck in!

1. Childhood Toys You Loved

When I saw this first question, my immediate thoughts were Lion, I loved Lion,… I also particularly liked pushing my brother off of Lion, and I can be see here looking none too impressed at sharing Lion with my baby brother, with Mum’s hands in case my brother “accidentally” fell.

Make no mistake, Lion was huge. I was also the worst big sister to my baby brother and I used to push him over at almost any chance I got. At least we have an inseparable relationship now!

In my toddler years, my walker became my favourite, a stuffed toy Collie on a red four-wheeled frame. I do remember outgrowing my walker and I do remember my mother placing it in the bin, only for me to abruptly remove it, hose it off and keep it under close observation for about three days. It only took baking fruit cakes with Nanny for me to forget all about my mission..

My Little Pony was another one for me. I guess, having been a horse rider for about 7 years, I adored all things horses and ponies. I kid you not, if I had a farm set, I would take the horses and donkeys out and leave the cows, goats and sheep on the side. If I had a zoo set, the zebras came out and the lions, tigers and giraffes were all forgotten about. Sometimes things got really confused in my games. Have you ever seen a zebra wearing a saddle? Well, in my zoo the zebras were the stars of the show, and they enjoyed show jumping too. Actually, according to me, zebras are even quite good at it. I am just the best zebra show jumper trainer ever that nobody else specialises in it because nobody else can compete!

Sometimes, the horses and zebras would have swimming sessions in the bathroom sink and it was far from an uncommon sight to find ponies and zebras lined up, waiting their turn for a dip. Sometimes, things would go horribly awry for them and they’d be left to drown while I ran off to eat my supper. I suppose that was why I never did get a real, living pony..

Toys with suction cups were another firm favourite, and my toy iron with the suction cup on the bottom was frequently suckered to the TV screen, usually while my poor father was trying to watch the evening news. I also acquired a suction cup bow and arrow with my brother whilst on vacation.. only to disturb my parents’ nap by firing my suction cup arrows at the window until my parents took us to the beach to exercise us entertain us. Story has it that when my father moved to load up the car for the trip, I took to ambushing him too. At least he laughed!

Another favourite from my younger days was my Tonka cupcake doll, and at this point, you might be wondering what harm a young girl could possibly have got up to with a doll. Well a lot, apparently, as I took to walking around a local summer fayre with the doll’s fragranced rubber skirt over my mouth and nose, taking deep huffs of her cupcake scent as I went and causing quite a stir. I vaguely remember my doll being traded out for an Etch-A-Sketch, which engrossed me for a while and became my newly favourited toy right up until I used it to beat my brother by-then annoying toddler brother about the head. Needless to say, the Etch-A-Sketch was the next toy I was only allowed to use under supervision.

As I got older, my pram became a favourite, but dolls were never allowed. No, no, dolls creeped me out and were quickly evicted, I needed an alternative instead, Something adorable and warm – like our beloved tabby cat, Casper! The large-wheeled buggy with a wine-red velvet hood would usually be stuffed with our wide-eyed cat (who had been tucked under layers of blanket to keep him in place) and toured around the garden with sharp turns and break-neck speeds and there were countless times that Mum had to retrieve a terrified tabby cat from me. The dog endured more favourable treatment on the handful of occasions that I was able to lift him. For Harvey, I’d sit on the bench, rock the pram gently back and fourth and sing lullabies to him instead.

Though come to think of it, I’m not so sure that counts as better treatment, after all.

A very young me & Harvey, who was also only about two years old here

As I got older, Amy’s Pony Tales became the norm. Gone was My Little Pony, I’d got an upgrade. Unfortunately for my Mum, curiosity about the human body kicked in around that time and a naked Amy and her ponies was a far more common feature around our home instead. At nine years old I also acquired Richie (aka Richie Rich), the vicious male budgie who started laying eggs). Richie was frequently introduced to Amy’s house and thoroughly enjoyed leaving momentos of her stay. Needless to say, Amy’s stable house became a little bit less special after that.

The last on my list, before I give a special mention to a special, special someone, was my Yamaha keyboard, and hey, you know this girl can play. I’m still a long way off mastering Moonlight Sonata (as much as I would love to) but I used to play Kumbaya, My Lord at family gatherings, either on my Yamaha or on the full-sized piano in the dining room. Mary Had A Little Lamb as well, if I fancied picking up the tempo and giving my fingers a work-out (don’t be rude!).

Maybe it seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? A keyboard with no funny stories? But of course! How about the time I fell out of bed and smacked my head on the corner of the keyboard, narrowly rendering myself unconcious in the process, isn’t that just the ticket? Panic not, I was fine, though I did have a lovely print of the speaker on my forehead!

So last but certainly not least, I want to tell you about Snowy, my dearly beloved childhood bear. I’m 31 now and guess what? I still have Uncle Snowy! Snowy was a christening gift from my grandparents and I have always loved on him so much, from the snowflake on his nose, his smiling chubby face and his adorable reindeer scarf and hat. Snowy is a girl’s best friend!

This morning I promised you all a photo of Snowy, and here he is!

Note the dimple under his right arm? Yep, sure enough not even Snowy was safe. Actually, this story is pretty cute. Snowy had something yucky in his fur and I’d seen Mum trim yucky things out of Harvey’s fur. so I trimmed it, thoroughly believing that Snowy is real and it will grow back. Well, it never did, and Snowy now has a bald spot to remind us all of the incredibly imaginative child that I once was!

Alright lovelies, that’s it from me. Don”t forget, feel free if you want to join in on the fun and I shall be back here tomorrow with a photo and my first free printable!

Have an awesome Friday!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautful,

Helen xx

2 thoughts on “Things That Bring Me Joy Thursday: Day 1- Childhood Toys

  1. I love hearing about your teddy bear! I’m 41 and still have my Whitey Bear, who I’ve had since I was 6 :). I got him right after I had major surgery and almost died in the hospital. He’s even taken care of my three sons, which means he’s been through quite a lot! I really enjoyed your post. ♡

    1. Thankyou! I’m really glad to hear your Whitey Bear has helped you too. Whitey Bear just goes to show that her teddy really is a girl’s best friend 😉 x

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