How To Avoid A “Poop-ocalypse”, starring Hugo & Eugenie!

Dog sat on a robot vacuum cleaner.
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Good morning lovelies!

I promised you all that I would get back online as soon as I could and bring you all some more wonderful things to read. Unfortunately, my £40 router was completely and utterly ineffective but Sky have promised our new hub will he here tomorrow. It better be, and it had better work, that’s all I’m saying 😉

Something that I get asked a lot about ever since I introduced “Eugenie” to my life is those pesky little… err… accidents. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about the dreaded “poopocalypse”, that horrific encounter that no pet-friendly smart home owner wants to see when their robotic vacuum cleaner decides to use the dog’s desperation to create a 10- foot masterpiece. Muck-spreading, if you will, only it does nothing for the roses!

Today. I wanted to share with you six very simple tricks that I’ve learned to help avoid these disasters. Having Hugo and Eugenie in my home it is something that I dread, but finding a few simple solutions to the problem has helped me to eliminate it. I realise that everyone has different circumstances and a different financial situation and as such there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, I wanted to give you some hopefully helpful ideas to help you avoid the dreaded alternative!

Create A Space For Your Dog

I’m going to cut to the chase here, your dog needs their own bed. They need a place that they can rest, completely uninterrupted. Particularly when young children are present, your dog craves a place that they can retreat to and shy away from the world, and robotic vacuum cleaners alike. Hugo has a big donut bed in a converted cupboard and shelves for all of his toys, and he loves it! Move often than not, he’s quite content lazing with his head propped up against the side of his bed while I blog – he’s one very lazy puppy!

It doesn’t need to be a cupboard as many dogs can be quickly and easily crate trained with positive reinforcement if the need fits. The more important thing is to make sure that your dog has stimulation so that they have a choice of activities. It’s fine for your dog to be shut away for an hour or two while the robot vacuum cleans, but it’s only fair that he or she has something to do. Treat dispenser toys are great fun and can be very popular with your dog. Kong is the most popular brand, but by all means do search for “treat dispenser toys” on Ebay or Amazon as there are many unbranded rubber toys out there at the fraction of the price. Fill them with dog biscuits or small quantities of dog-safe human treats!

Separate Your Dog From The Danger Zone

If you don’t like the idea of a cupboard or a crate, how about a room? Your dog has more room to move around and will be away from the Roomba’s reach. Sure, it means that you will have to clean your home in sections, but even having your robot vacuum bumbling about while you watch TV is much, much better than a late-night deep carpet cleaning spree.

If you want your dog to be able to see outside, confine him or her to somewhere with hard flooring. That way, it’ll be much easier to clean if the worst does happen.

Hire A Dog Walker (Or A Friend)

This is possibly the most expensive option, but it’s something that many, many people consider. If you’re working, dog walkers can be great companions for your furry pal. Not only that, but he or she can take your best friend out of harms way while the robot does the cleaning. If you’re really clever, why not schedule the robot to start after the dog walker leaves? That way, you know there won’t be any unfortunate encounters.

If you’re worried about costs, why not ask friends who have always wanted a dog? It’s peace of mind for you, and a great chance to bond with a dog for them.

Supervise the cleaning

This is something that only really works if you work from home, but if I want Eugenie to do a quick clean, I know that I can be here to make sure Hugo isn’t contributing to the decor. How many of us have really bought robot vacuum cleaners to give us one less job to do while we work? Would it be that much of an issue to have your dog by your desk while the Robovac does the cleaning?

Desensitise your dog

One suggestion that doesn’t guarantee immediate results (but is perhaps your only viable option if crates and dog walkers are past your budget), is to train your dog to not be bothered by the robot vacuum. Run the vacuum for 10-15 minutes and allow your dog to see it, sniff it and see that it doesn’t harm him. When he allows it to get close to him, praise him and reward him with a tasty treat Do this often and repeatedly for 10-15 minutes every day until your dog is no longer phased by it. If your dog is like Hugo and has a high prey drive, praise and reward for not attacking it, too.

Make Sure For Regular Toilet Breaks!

All too often, the cause of a “poopocalypse” is a combination of fear and a full bowel, so don’t give Fido the chance! Make sure he has adequate chance to go outside and don’t leave food down if you’re likely to be out for several hours. Water, shelter and shade are a must, but your dog can be fed to suit your schedule. Having food readily available in your absence only increases the risk!

I hope these tips help you and I hope they will help you reduce or eliminate the number of disasters you face. Don’t give up, try one or two of these tricks and remember that consistency is key. Good luck with your smart home cleaning!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx



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