Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Helen and I am a disabled housewife, pet mom and blogger. I live in Bristol, UK with my husband, beloved Jack Russell and two tanks of tropical fish.

I was born in 1988 with arrested borderline hydrocephalus, spina bifida, ataxia and a mild low-tone hearing loss, along with endogenous depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. In 2001, I also developed RSD Type 2 (Causalgia) as a result of a badminton injury, and later again in my foot and knee from a swimming and walking injury. While I left school with good grades. I struggled to find work because I don’t need some of the more “normal” adaptations (like a wheelchair-friendly desk or a hearing loop) but I did need a manager who understood the variation in days which my chronic pain condition causes, which very few people do. One of my biggest pet peeves in my quest to find employment was the types of jobs usually being offered to disabled people. I was offered jobs in shoe shining and shelf-stacking, all of which are physically demanding on a broken body, and not at all mentally rewarding for me. Disabled people often have broken bodies, but we are still very sharp in the mind.

I was passed from pillar to post and eventually I was forced to give up, resigning myself to a life on benefits and serving my husband as his housewife. A few months in and my depression was even worse than before. I started to write in a journal and my husband nicknamed me “Jane Austen” because of the length of some of my entries. That was when I decided – I should set up a blog! 

I set up my blog to show the world that disabled people absolutely can and do have plenty to offer. We have passions, interests, stories and skills, just like everybody else. We don’t want your sympathy, we just want your respect. We’re still perfectly normal people on the inside.

In this blog, you will find tools and techniques for managing anxiety and depression through techniques I learned during my time in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. You can find delicious recipes directly from my kitchen, confidence building tips, opinions and more. As well as this, I’ve also partnered up with my husband to bring you relationship and intimacy posts where we’ll be sharing how we’ve lasted more than a decade, as well as some sexy stories and scorching tips to spice up your bedroom. In all of my posts, I aim to deliver my content in a relatable, friendly way using something else that I’m best known for – my quick wit and wicked sense of humour! 

I hope these posts will help you and if there is anything you would like me to cover sometime, please do drop me an email!

Enjoy your visit!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx